Surely not…?

Six days since I last blogged? Naughty Onepaceplodder :-/

Thankfully I have still jogged. And logged. Not necessarily in the right order though, as I found out from jumbojanathon’s blog only today! But never mind. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to:

Sunday 23rd Bike ride of 20 miles, in about 2 hours. This was marshaling for a local half-marathon, and the ride there and back. Felt harder than I thought, sooo cold. And it’s weeks since I’ve been out on my road bike.

Monday 24th Was supposed to be a 5 mile tempo run, but I knew this wasn’t going to happen, as I was still pretty well worn out from the weekend. So I did 2 miles recovery run instead. And even that felt hard!

Tuesday 25th 1 hour of Pilates. Lovely, and just what I needed.

Wednesday 26th 45 min spin class. The less said the better! Legs felt as if there was no power in them at all. Felt good when finished and showered though 🙂

Thursday 27th Tempo run on treadmill. Was not looking forward to this at all, as I find tempos the hardest training run of all. Managed 8.25K in 46:44, though I did stop the machine a few times very briefly to stretch out my very stiff and achy shins. Once I’d passed the 5K mark I started to feel better, as I knew I was over half way!

Going out for a little 3 miler shortly, again at recovery pace. The marathon schedule I’m using states two speed sessions per week (intervals and tempo) but I’m finding this too much. So, whenever necessary if I find I’m too tired to do one of them, then I’m simply running the stated distance at recovery pace – with marathon training it’s getting the miles in that counts.

Hope everyone else is running well 🙂

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Ooops, a catch up

Arrgh, I’m afraid I’ve not stuck properly to Janathon rules and am now lumping 3 days training into one post :-/ But then again, I started the challenge late so I never really stuck to the rules to start with…

Anyway, Thursday’s training was another ‘tempo run that wasn’t’. Can’t seem to get the hang of these at all. I was supposed to run the middle section at around 9:17 min/mile pace, but my body doesn’t seem to like doing two different speed sessions in the same week. It’s happy to do an interval session, but firmly draws the line at adding a tempo run as well. But seeing as I’m marathon training, I figure that as long as I get the miles in it shouldn’t matter. So I did 4 miles at just over 10 min/mile pace. If the schedule doesn’t like it…tough!

Yesterday I thought I’d have an easy day as a long run was planned for today. Walked the dog around our local racecourse, around 2.5 miles (?) took 45 mins.

Today was a club training run – half marathon distance, eeek! Had not run that distance since October, and haven’t done many long runs in recent weeks. Started off really slow and clunky, and had to stop to stretch my stiffening shins and calves. Soon settled into a comfortable pace though, luckily there was another runner who runs similar pace to me so we ran together the whole time. If it hadn’t been for her company I’m sure I would have given in and taken walk breaks, but I’m pleased to say I ran the whole distance in 2:18:23. This is a good solid time for me for a training run.

Don’t plan to do much for the rest of the day 😉

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Spinning and sweat

Today’s session was a 45 min spin class. I have just started going to spin classes once a week to try to boost my general fitness as well as making me quicker on the bike. I have to say that spinning is just fab…if you like feeling of your leg muscles burning and your lungs about to explode! I never get as sweaty in any exercise as much as in spinning. As soon as you’ve finished though, I’m like, ‘Hey that was great! See you next week!’ 🙂

The rest of my training this week will probably be fairly low intensity as I’m doing a long (13 mile) run on Saturday.

Hope everyone else’s training is going well!

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Pilates and pain

First the Pilates – which was great. Lots of attention to isolating areas of the body for stability/core strengthening, balance, and stretching. Just what we runners need! There was a relaxation period at the end too, which was good preparation for what was coming next…

I have had deep tissue massages before, and yes, they are bloomin’ painful! I tend to get tight ITB down my left leg, which has caused me some knee issues before. My calves are also tight. So, lots of really painful massage there which has resulted in some awesome bruising down the side of my left thigh! My hamstrings were also tight, which isn’t normally the case. But once the bruising and tenderness settles down, I’ll be good as new and ready for marathon training mileage, which is already underway 🙂

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The intervals session that was…

This time (yesterday) I actually managed to complete the session as intended 🙂

Decided to use the Audiofuel ‘Yelling Performance 3 Step Intervals’ session which is a favourite on my i-Pod, running on the gym treadmill. Have found this a great workout, which really pushes you out of your comfort zone for 3 mins each time, but then allows 3 min recoveries which are just enough for you to… well, recover 😉

Managed this fine, though the quickest interval (where I was running at 12.5 km/hr) is an absolute killer! I had to walk for a minute and a half during two of the recoveries, so my finishing overall pace for the whole session was 9:24 min/mile. This is not the fastest I’ve done it, but given that I had flu over the new year and didn’t run for two weeks, it is pretty respectable! Distance was 7.38km, time was 43:10.

Next session is Pilates, followed by a deep tissue massage :-O

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The tempo run that wasn’t…

Plan for this morning was to run 1 mile easy; 3 miles tempo pace; 1 mile easy.

What I actually did was: 1 mile easy; 4 miles ‘hang on in there for dear life and hope I get to the end alive’. Same distance but ‘tempo’ section was run at 10:02 min/mile pace instead of the intended 9:17 pace. Reasons are simple to explain: weather too windy; calves too stiff; body too worn out!!

Note to self: *USE* that foam roller more often. It is not going to do much good hiding behind the sofa!

A case of ‘feel the distance, never mind about the quality’! But need to bear in mind that I did have flu a couple of weeks ago, and it can take a while to recover properly.

Pilates class, and swim or bike ride tomorrow.

Hope everyone else is running well :o)

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Ouch ouch ouch…ahhhh!

Yesterday…decided to concentrate on some stretching some stiff muscles. This first involved getting out my foam roller from behind the sofa (where else are you supposed to keep them?!) and rolling my calves. Sooo painful, but a ‘good’ pain, if you know what I mean. I really need to do this more often…then I wouldn’t have such stiff calves! Also rolled on ITBs (usually pretty painful, but this time not bad at all), then quads (easy) and hamstrings (not too bad). The calf massage is definitely the worst. As well as being the most painful, you have to roll one with the weight of the other leg on top (crossed over at the ankle) and then support all that weight with your arms, so your whole body is off the floor. So, a double whammy, as this absolutely kills my arms! So I decide my arms are pathetically weak and do a few girlie press ups (gave up trying the proper ones years ago, when I found I couldn’t do a single one). All in all, took about 15 mins. Hope this counts as a ‘session’.

Long run blog comes next…

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